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Planting for Progress

Planting for Progress is a community-sourced project started by Agatha Isabel (@plant.ma). Members of our community donate plants to be auctioned, and the proceeds are donated to local organizations and non-profits. The project started as a way to support Black Lives Matter and has since expanded to other causes, including LGBTQ+, voting rights and various NYC-local organizations.

Planting for Progress has had three rounds of auctions so far, raising over $6.6k!

Organizations we’ve supported

American Civil Liberties Union | Donate

The Foresight Project | Donate

The Audre Lorde Project | Donate

The Innocence Project | Donate

Black Lives Matter | Donate

RAICES | Donate

Planned Parenthood | Donate

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About Agatha

Agatha is a digital risk professional by day, plant lover 24/7. She has always been fond of nature, growing up with plants for inside and outside her home. She began her plant collection when she moved to the East Coast from the West Coast, and has grown not only a collection, but a community. Follow her and her plant collection on @plant.ma

Planting for Progress

Through her plant collection and community, she found a creative way to give back to marginalized communities as well as support social justice causes by auctioning a Pink Princess Philodendron. One thing led to another, and now she’s not auctioned more than 35+ rare plants since May 2020. Follow the org on @plantingforprogress

For press and marketing questions, please contact plantma@agathaisabel.com